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1.  Analysis of Data on Xanthan Fermentation in Stationary Phase Using Black Box and Metabolic Network Models  
   马红武  赵学明  唐寅杰《中国化学工程学报》,1999年第7卷第4期
   The xanthan fermentation data in the stationary phase was analyzed using the black box and the metabolic network models. The data consistency ls checked through the elemental balance in the black box model. In the metabolic network model, the metabolic flux distribution in the cell is calculated using the metabolic flux analysis method, then the maintenance coefficients is calculated.    

2.  Effects of Cerium on Rooting and Physiological-Biochemical Metabolism of Tissue Culture Plantlet from Dioscorea Zingberensis  
   Jin Chunyan  Wang Jianan  Shen Qi  Sha Sha  Wu Guorong* 《中国稀土学报(英文版)》,2006年第3期
   Effects of Cerium on Rooting and Physiological-Biochemical Metabolism of Tissue Culture Plantlet from Dioscorea Zingberensis    

3.  利用基元模式分析酿酒酵母的葡萄糖厌氧发酵过程以提高乙醇产量  
   许晓菁  曹利民  陈询《中国化学工程学报》,2008年第16卷第1期
   Elementary flux mode (EFM) analysis was used in the metabolic analysis of central carbon metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae based on constructed cellular network. Calculated from the metabolic model, the ethanol-producing pathway No. 37 furthest converts the substrate into ethanol among the 78 elementary flux modes. The in silico metabolic phenotypes predicted based on this analysis fit well with the fermentation performance of the engineered strains, KAM3 and KAMll, which confirmed that EFM analysis is valid to direct the construction of Saccharomyces cerevisiae engineered strains, to increase the ethanol yield.    

4.  Establishment of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay for Insulin  
   Insulin is the principle hormone responsible for the control of glucose metabolism. It is synthesized in the β-cells of the islets. The mature insulin molecule comprises two polypeptide chains, the A chain    

5.  水凝胶接触镜材料的溶胀行为与脱水行为  被引次数:3
   崔英德  黎新明《化工学报》,2002年第53卷第10期
   INTRODUCTIONMost contact lens are made by organic hydrogel, and thepermeability of hydrogel to oxygen is critical because comea requiresoxygen for metabolism of its principal nutrient.    

6.  Production of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) by Recombinant Pseudomonas stutzeri 1317 from Unrelated Carbon Sources  
   魏晓星  刘峰  简嘉  王瑞妍  陈国强《中国化学工程学报》,2013年第9期
   Synthetic biology promises to simplify the construction of metabolic pathways by assembling the de-tached modules of the whole pathway. This gives new approaches for the microbial production of industr...    

7.  杂合基因算法在酵母中间代谢途径代谢通量分析中的应用  
   张慧敏  姚善泾《中国化学工程学报》,2007年第15卷第2期
   A scheme of investigating the intracellular metabolic fluxes in central metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae based on isotope model and tracer experiment was developed. The metabolic model applied in this study includes the Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas pathway, the pentose phosphate pathway, the tricarboxylic acid cycle, CO2 anaplerotic reactions, ethanol and acetate formation, and pathways involved in amino acid synthesis. The approach of hybridized genetic algorithm combined with the sequential simplex technique was used to optimize a quadratic error function without the requirement of the information on the partial derivatives. The impact of some key parameters on the algorithm was studied. This approach was proved to be rapid and numerically stable in the analysis of the central metabolism of S.cerevisiae.    

8.  Action of Selenium Compounds on the Cellular Metabolism by Microcalorimetry  
   A new method is introduced to study the action between biomaterials and organism. By using an LKB- 2277 bioactivity monitor and ampoule method, the fundamental thermogenesis curves of the metabolic process of pk-15 and the toxic effect of three kinds of selenomorpholine compounds on it were studied at 37℃. From the thermogenesis curves, the heat released by pk-15 metabolism was calculated. The results show that the selenium compounds all have toxic action on the metabolism process of pk-15 at the range of experimental concentrations. The sequence of the toxic action of selenium compounds is: Na2SeO3>β- ( N- selenomorpholine) -ethyl phenyike-tone hydrochloride > selenomorpholine.    

9.  isturban  
   ce of sympathetic innervation,impairment of fatty acid metabolism,low estrogen level and multi-vessel coronary spasm may contribute to the attack,although the definite mechanism is still under di    

10.  通过通量平衡分析计算经验和真实维持系数  被引次数:2
   马红武  赵学明  郭晓峰《中国化学工程学报》,2002年第10卷第1期
   The stoichiometric matrix of a simplified metabolic network in Bacillus Subtillis was contructed from the flux balance equations, which were used for reconciliation of the measured rates and determination of the inner metabolic rates. Thus more reliable results of the true and empirical maintenance coefficients were obtained. The true maintenance coefficient is linearly related to the specific growth rate and changes with the P/O ratiol. The neasured biomass yield of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is also linearly related to the P/O ratio.    

11.  Investigation of the Metabolic Flux Analysis Method for Overdetermined System  被引次数:2
   马红武  郭晓峰  赵学明  鲁晋《中国化学工程学报》,2002年第2期
   With the xanthan synthesis in Xanthomonas campestris as an example, two methods for metabolic flux analysis of overdetermined system, the experimental data error minimization method and the equation error minimization method, are compared from their mathematical basis, rationality of the results and the easiness of computation. The results show that the experimental data error minimization method is appropriate in metabolic flux analysis of overdetermined system.    

12.  Thermodynamic Significance of Human Basal Metabolism  
   Wang Cuncheng Thermal Engineering Department Tsinghua University  Beijing 100084  P.R. China《热科学学报(英文版)》,1993年第2卷第2期
   The human basal state, a non-equilibrium steady state, is analysed in this paper in the light of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics whereby the thermodynamic significance of the basal metabolic rate and its distinction to the dissipation function and exergy loss are identified. The analysis demonstrates the correct expression of the effects of the blood flow on the heat balance in a human-body bio-heat model and the relationship between the basal metabolic rate and the blood perfusion.    

13.  发酵工艺将粗甘油变成1,3-丙二醇  

14.  Tracing process of β-TCP ceramics in vivo with ^45Ca  
   李世普 戴红莲 闫玉华 王欣宇 熊先立 郑启新 杜靖远《中国有色金属学会会刊》,2004年第14卷第1期
   The metabolic way of calcium ions which was released due to in vivo degradation of porous β-TCP ceramics was studied by using the radioisotope ^45Ca as tracer. The result shows that some of the calcium ions enter blood and take part in the circulation. These calcium ions distribute into organs and tissues (such as liver, kidney, brain,heart, lung, spleen and stomach) and participate in the metabolisms of body. There is neither the accumulation of calcium ions, nor the lesion or pathologic calcification of the organs and tissues. Some of the calcium ions that enter the near-end femur, ulna and skull are reused by bony tissue to take part in both local mineralization processes during bone healing, or are stored in calcium pool which can participate in the whole body circulating. In the cyclical process, other calcium ions are excreted with urine and feces through kidney and liver. It is indicated that the degradation products of β-TCP ceramics can take part in the physiological metabolic process of normal bone and tissue.    

15.  Metabolic P Systems: A Discrete Model for Biological Dynamics  
   Vincenzo Manca  Alberto Castellini  Giuditta Franco  Luca Marchetti  Roberto Pagliarini《电子学报:英文版》,2013年第4期
   A recent methodology to model biochem- ical systems is here presented. It is based on a concep- tual framework rooted in membrane computing and de- veloped with concepts typical of discrete dynamical sys- tems. According to our approach, from data observed at suitable macroscopic temporal scales, one can deduce, by means of algebraic and algorithmic procedures, a dis- crete model (called Metabolic P system) which accounts for the experimental data, and opens the possibility to under- stand the systemic logic of the investigated phenomenon. The procedures of such a method have been implemented within a computational platform, a Java software called MetaPlab, processing data and simulating behaviors of metabolic models. In the paper, we briefly describe the theory underlying the modeling of biochemical systems by Metabolic P systems, along with its development stages and the related extensive literature.    

16.  The Application of the GM(1,1)Metabolism Model to Error Data Proccssing of NC Machine Tools  
   LIAODe-gang XIONGXiao-hong《国际设备工程与管理》,2003年第8卷第2期
   This paper applied the gray system theory to error data processing of NC machine tools ac-cording to the characteristic.It presented the gray metabolism model of error data processing.The test method for the model needs less capacity.Practice proved that the method is simple,calculation is easy,and results are exact.    

17.  Effect of Methyl Parathion on the Carbohydrate Metabolism of the Fish,Cirrhinus Mrigala  
   Shreeman Nirjhar Chandra Ray Ramesh Chandra Sinha《材料科学与工程:中英文B版...》,2014年第12期
   In general, any stress inducing substance will affect the respiratory metabolism of an animal. Any alteration in the intermediary metabolism due to stress is bound to affect the activity of oxidative enzymes like lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) and succinic dehydrogenase (SDH). Both enzymes are involved in carbohydrate metabolism and have been used as an indicative criterion of exposure to chemical stress. Several authors have reported that the disturbance in the oxidative metabolism which leads to an alteration in whole oxygen consumption in different species of fishes exposed to pesticides. Carbohydrates are the primary and immediate source of energy. In stressed condition, the carbohydrate reserve (glycogen) is depleted to meet the energy demand. Depletion of glycogen may be due to the direct utilization for energy generation, a demand caused by the pesticide induced hypoxia. Similar findings have been reported in frog Rana tigrina. Glycogenolysis seems to be the result of increased secretion of catecholamines due to stress. Pesticides also inhibit energy production by suppressing aerobic oxidation of carbohydrates leading to energy crisis in animals. LDH and SDH are widely used in toxicology and clinical chemistry to diagnose the cell, tissue and organ damage. In the present study, the toxicological effect of methyl parathion on the LDH and SDH activity has been made in the fish, Cirrihinus mrigala. The study revealed that the acute toxicity (TUa) of methyl parathion was 14 ppm.    

18.  Editor's Note  
   《China City Planning Review》,2018年第1期
   正In physiological sense,health refers to the functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism.For human beings,it has also a psychological and sociological sense.According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,health is a primary element of safety needs,on the second level of the hierarchy over physiological needs.The World Health Organiza-    

19.  英文摘要  
   The Function of Xylitol and Its Food Application Xylitol is the pentatomic alcohol which widely but at a little content exists in fruits and vegetables in the nature. It is the normal intermediate of carbohydrate metabolism in human body. China is an early country to research and develop the crystallization xylitol. It can be widely used in sugar-free professions,    

20.  Molecular Partners of Escherichia coil Transcriptional Modulator AidB  
   Pamela Di  Pasquale Angela  Amoresano Francesca  De Maria  Angela Duilio《化学与化工:英文版》,2013年第9期
   The AidB protein is involved in the adaptive response to DNA alkylation damages in Escherichia coli. Functional proteomic experiments were designed to elucidate AidB biological functions in the presence and in the absence of methyl methanesulfonate as methylating agent. Several proteins were identified in both conditions and according to their reported biological activities, the inter-actors were grouped into three different functional categories: stress response, energetic metabolic pathways and nucleic acid metabolism. Particularly, the interaction between AidB and UvrA, a member of the UvrABCD nucleotide excision system, suggested a new interesting putative role for AidB.    

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