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Direct discharge of untreated sewage to surface waters is a common practice in many parts of the world. However, relatively little is known about the behaviour of synthetic organic pollutants under these conditions. This paper describes a sampling campaign designed to track changes in water quality in a surface water system in Vientiane (Lao PDR) receiving significant quantities of untreated waste water. The study was based on following in-channel transport using a fluorescent tracer injected as a pulse, with a focus on the anionic surfactant linear alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS) and ammonia. Water samples were collected at a number of stations with sampling times estimated to coincide with solute time-of-travel. The reduction in LAS concentration with flow-time could be approximated by first-order kinetics with a half life of about 7 h. Free ammonia concentrations decreased more slowly than LAS and remained above the level believed to be toxic for sensitive aquatic species along the entire channel. Changes in the ratios of LAS alkyl chain homologues to total LAS concentrations suggest a preferential removal of longer chain lengths. The role of biodegradation in the removal of LAS was confirmed by the presence of LAS metabolites (sulphophenylcarboxylates, SPCs) which increased systematically (as a fraction of LAS remaining) with flow-time.  相似文献
老挝巴松铝土矿地质特征及成因探讨   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
老挝占巴色省巴松铝土矿经详查为一大型铝土矿床.该矿床位于占巴色省红土化作用强烈的波罗芬高原上,由玄武岩风化而成,属红土型三水铝土矿,Al2O3,含量为28.63%~55.79%,Fe2O3,含量为7.75%~52.30%,TiO2含量为1.06%~10.15%,铝硅比为2.6~48.5,具有中铝高铁、低硅低钛、高铝硅比的特点,矿体覆盖浅,地势平缓,适合大型机械化露天开采.  相似文献
贝波再 《华中建筑》2002,20(6):99-101
老挝是一个民族文化非常浓厚和复杂的小国,在风俗习惯、文化爱好等各方面的差异的影响下,其居住建筑也颇具特色,呈现出丰富多彩的面貌。该文在分析了老挝的气候特点对其传统民居的影响后,从空间布局、结构形式、风俗习惯等方面对老挝民居建筑进行了细致、深刻的论述,为我们了解不同国家的传统建筑提供了参考。  相似文献
贝波再 《新建筑》2001,(6):79-81
通过对小乘佛教及老挝寺院的考察,探讨老挝寺院在总体布局及氛围营造方面是怎样体现小乘佛教之自身命运的维系这一主题。  相似文献
Managing complex landscape mosaics in areas dominated by poverty often requires addressing conflicting objectives and managing trade-offs, such as that between maintaining/enhancing ecological functions and improving livelihoods. Laos, like many other developing countries dependent on agriculture and natural resources for the subsistence of a mostly rural population, has used land use planning (LUP) as a core policy instrument to achieve sustainable development. However, previous reviews of LUP implementation showed large discrepancies between policies and practices and between the intended goals and actual outcomes. There is a need for increased participation, improved integration of scales, harmonization of superimposed plans, and enhanced coordination between implementing agencies and other stakeholders. Consequently, former normative approaches to LUP have been gradually replaced (at least on paper) by a new paradigm. Participatory land use planning (PLUP) has recently become a central element of donor-supported programs in developing countries. However, despite the good intentions of PLUP principles, implementation remains entangled with confused practical issues that compromise effective participation. As an alternative to complex, technologically sophisticated LUP models that local stakeholders cannot use or replicate, a communication platform supporting negotiations among multiple stakeholder groups was tested in a village cluster in Luang Prabang Province in northern Laos. This innovative approach, based on a combination of role-playing games, participatory 3D modeling, GIS, and socioeconomic and environmental impact assessment, allows stakeholders to collectively explore the consequences of land use decisions and choose between alternative future landscapes.  相似文献
方豪杰  陈沧杰  王婷 《规划师》2012,28(2):113-117
随着城市化及市场化的双重推进,新城开发过程中公共利益与市场开发的博弈平衡问题越来越突出。老挝万象塔銮湖新城的开发建设从新城开发的选址定界、规划设计等层面,对新城开发的空间利益博弈问题进行研究,试图探索一种B M P模式,即公共利益与市场开发形成新型平衡关系,通过设立新城建设专职管理机构、制定保障公共参与的完备法规体系,并设立合理的奖惩机制等,对在用益物权语境下实现公共利益和市场开发的平衡进行了有益探索。  相似文献
介绍了笔者在工程主持及建筑方案设计中,关于如何通过建筑和规划手法实现传统文化与现代生活、人文韵味与自然景观相交融的设计实例,对具有文脉特征的城市核心区域的建筑设计方法进行了研究与探讨。  相似文献
邹郁 《中外建筑》2012,(6):114-116
通过对历史文化名镇旅游业发展的理论研究和案例分析,以周老嘴镇作为研究对象,结合产业现状和实际条件,对其进行旅游业发展的模式选择,提出具体发展构思及产品设计。  相似文献
张蔚 《华中建筑》2010,28(12):134-136
先秦文明孕育了中国古人们对上帝的敬虔心灵和和谐的生活方式,因此也赋予人们智慧进行艺术的创造。在建筑活动中,祖先们无论穴居于洞或巢居于林,都求与大自然最大限度的融合共生。诗经时代,文武周公敬虔祭祀上天,天下太平,人的智慧得以充分发挥。商代的甲骨文说明当时文化的繁荣;发达的青铜器工艺大大促进了建筑技术的发展。时至西周,建筑型制已初具规模,并出现了四合院(见陕西岐山凤雏遗址)。封建社会历史上五次回归于老子"无为顺道"的社会风范,历史性地推动了中国传统建筑技艺的发展,在汉代就奠定了辉煌的中国古建筑的基本型制,在唐代成就了豪劲的唐风建筑,而于康熙年间则引进西方科技,更大大促进了中国建筑的发展。  相似文献
完成于2000年的陶瓷博物馆与后续完成之陶瓷艺术园区,为简建筑师近期之重要作品。该作品无论从方案布局、建筑设计以至于细部设计表现,皆细致反应出建筑师独特之设计品味与设计哲学。文章试图从复杂与矛盾之观点,切入与诠译简建筑师的设计手法与设计内容,并以从封闭到开放的主题,回应建筑师对当代台湾建筑文化的批判与挑战。  相似文献
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