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Beer spoilage bacteria and hop resistance   总被引:29,自引:0,他引:29  
For brewing industry, beer spoilage bacteria have been problematic for centuries. They include some lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus lindneri and Pediococcus damnosus, and some Gram-negative bacteria such as Pectinatus cerevisiiphilus, Pectinatus frisingensis and Megasphaera cerevisiae. They can spoil beer by turbidity, acidity and the production of unfavorable smell such as diacetyl or hydrogen sulfide. For the microbiological control, many advanced biotechnological techniques such as immunoassay and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) have been applied in place of the conventional and time-consuming method of incubation on culture media. Subsequently, a method is needed to determine whether the detected bacterium is capable of growing in beer or not. In lactic acid bacteria, hop resistance is crucial for their ability to grow in beer. Hop compounds, mainly iso-alpha-acids in beer, have antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria. They act as ionophores which dissipate the pH gradient across the cytoplasmic membrane and reduce the proton motive force (pmf). Consequently, the pmf-dependent nutrient uptake is hampered, resulting in cell death. The hop-resistance mechanisms in lactic acid bacteria have been investigated. HorA was found to excrete hop compounds in an ATP-dependent manner from the cell membrane to outer medium. Additionally, increased proton pumping by the membrane bound H(+)-ATPase contributes to hop resistance. To energize such ATP-dependent transporters hop-resistant cells contain larger ATP pools than hop-sensitive cells. Furthermore, a pmf-dependent hop transporter was recently presented. Understanding the hop-resistance mechanisms has enabled the development of rapid methods to discriminate beer spoilage strains from nonspoilers. The horA-PCR method has been applied for bacterial control in breweries. Also, a discrimination method was developed based on ATP pool measurement in lactobacillus cells. However, some potential hop-resistant strains cannot grow in beer unless they have first been exposed to subinhibitory concentration of hop compounds. The beer spoilage ability of Pectinatus spp. and M. cerevisiae has been poorly studied. Since all the strains have been reported to be capable of beer spoiling, species identification is sufficient for the breweries. However, with the current trend of beer flavor (lower alcohol and bitterness), there is the potential risk that not yet reported bacteria will contribute to beer spoilage. Investigation of the beer spoilage ability of especially Gram-negative bacteria may be useful to reduce this risk.  相似文献
The antibacterial properties of enzymatic hydrolysates of bovine lactoferrin were examined to determine whether active peptides are produced from this protein. Hydrolysates prepared by cleavage of lactoferrin with porcine pepsin, cod pepsin, or acid protease from Penicillium duponti showed strong activity against Escherichia coli O111, whereas hydrolysates produced by trypsin, papain, or other neutral proteases were much less active. Low molecular weight peptides generated by porcine pepsin cleavage of lactoferrin showed broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, inhibiting the growth of a number of Gram-negative and Gram-positive species, including strains that were resistant to native lactoferrin. The antibacterial potency of the hydrolysate was at least eightfold greater than that of undigested lactoferrin with all strains tested. The active peptides retained their activity in the presence of added iron, unlike native lactoferrin. The effect of the hydrolysate was bactericidal as indicated by a rapid loss of viability of E. coli O111. The lactoferrin hydrolysate described in the present study has commercial value as a natural preservative agent for use in foods and cosmetics, and as a functional component of new clinical foods for prevention or treatment of gastrointestinal disease.  相似文献
现代纺纱设备高效工艺的实践与探索   总被引:21,自引:11,他引:10  
现代纺纱设备的技术进步使其主要工艺效能比传统纺纱设备有了很大的提升,使在现代纺纱设备上探索和实践高效率、高效益的纺纱工艺成为可能,高效纺纱工艺的应用可以大幅提高设备产能,显著降低纺纱生产的投资和运行成本.文中示例的实践和探索可以为选配和使用现代纺纱设备的企业提供参考.  相似文献
聚乳酸纤维练染性能探讨   总被引:20,自引:6,他引:14  
李春友  常红梅  任进和 《印染》2004,30(9):9-11
聚乳酸纤维采用天然糖发酵产物作单体,经聚合纺丝而成。本文着重介绍聚乳酸纤维的特性,及与棉纤维混纺织物的各种练漂、染色方法,以及染色后的各项牢度水平和检测方法,并推荐了适用于聚乳酸纤维染色的染料。  相似文献
农药残留急性膳食风险评估研究进展   总被引:18,自引:0,他引:18  
农药残留急性膳食风险评估直到最近才引起大家的关注。目前,JMPR研究国际范围农药急性膳食风险评估;美国、英国、荷兰、澳大利亚和新西兰也开始进行国家农药急性膳食风险评估。农药残留急性膳食风险是急性或短期接触毒性与农药残留急性膳食摄入量的函数。急性膳食风险评估包括设定急性毒性参考剂量、急性膳食摄入量评定和急性膳食风险描述。急性毒性参考剂量是根据现有的认知水平,在24h或少于24h的期间,人体摄入的食品或水中某物质对消费者不产生可察觉的健康危险的量,单位为毫克,公斤体重(mg/kgbw)。急性膳食接触量评估常用的方法有:定点或确定性方法和概率模型法。在确定性方法中选取食物的大部分人群消耗量和高残留量来计算膳食摄入量,为了解决混合样品中食品个体之间的残留差异,在计算中引入了变异因子。概率模型法是将食品中农药残留分布曲线与膳食摄入食品分布曲线进行整合得到农药膳食摄入量的分布曲线。目前最常用的是蒙特卡洛分析法。使用该方法需要收集个体在每天或每顿饭的食品膳食消耗数据和田间残留试验、市场残留检测数据以及关于加工、削皮、清洗、烹饪等行为对农药残留影响的研究数据。我国应该尽快建立健全膳食结构和农产品性状数据库,建立健全市场中农产品的农药残留数据库,并在高毒和中等毒性农药登记前,进行急性膳食风险评估,提高农药膳食摄入的安全性。首先应采用JMPR的确定性方法,然后再开发适合我国使用的概率模型法。  相似文献
食品感官评定的要素组成分析   总被引:18,自引:0,他引:18  
介绍了食品感官评定技术所需要的组成要素及其注意事项。通过培训的评价员参与,对已经准备好的样品进行分类品评,选择合适的感官分析方法。最后对品评数据进行统计分析处理形成一项完整的分析报告,即完成了一项食品的感官评定。  相似文献
大曲酶系研究的回顾与展望   总被引:18,自引:4,他引:14  
范文来  徐岩 《酿酒》2000,(3):35-40
对大曲中酶类的组成、几种主要酶类的研究现状作了全面分析.列举了浓香型大曲中部份酶的含量.作者认为,应逐步弄清大曲质量指标与实际生产应用的关系,加强大曲质量体系建立的研究,强化大曲中酯化酶、酸性蛋白酶、纤维素酶和木聚糖酶的应用研究.  相似文献
烟草连作障碍研究进展   总被引:17,自引:1,他引:16  
烟草生产中的连作种植导致产量和品质的下降已引起广泛关注。从烟田土壤营养失调、烟草根系分泌物积累、土壤微环境及微生物区系变化等角度阐述了烟草连作障碍的产生机理,介绍了当前治理烟草连作障碍的各项调控措施,并对烟草连作障碍领域的研究及技术发展方向进行了展望。  相似文献
烤烟氯含量与挥发性香气物质及感官质量的关系研究   总被引:17,自引:3,他引:14  
以四川主产烟区40份烤烟样品为材料,研究了烟叶氯含量与挥发性香气物质及感官质量的关系,结果表明:(1)四川烤烟氯含量较适宜,平均为(0.36 4±0.19)%,变幅为0.11%-1.12%,呈现出下部叶>中部叶>上部叶的趋势,但不同部位氯含量的变异系数较大.(2)烟叶氯含量与主要挥发性香气物质含量之间存在着密切关系,当烤烟氯含量>0.6%时,该组样品的新植二烯含量和挥发性香气物质总量均明显低于氯含量为0.4%~0.6%组别样本的含量,其类胡萝卜素降解产物含量也明显低于氯含量<0.4%组别样本的含量;而芳香族氨基酸降解产物、美拉德反应产物、类西柏烷降解产物含量在组间的差异不显著.(3)当烤烟氯含量在0.01%~1.20%的范围内,氯含量与香气质、香气量、余味、杂气、燃烧性、灰色和评吸总分均存在着显著的二次曲线回归关系,回归方程依次为(y)=9.5729 14.0663x-15.423x2、(y)=13.8542 15.5887x-15.423x2、(y)=16.3304 11.9446x-12.396x2、(y)=12.8175 6.8033x-8.0444x2、(y)=3.9973 5.7260x-7.5126x2、(y)=3.6959 5.6331x-7.3784x2和(y)=69.7143 59.6434x-65.836x2,但氯含量与刺激性的回归关系则未达到显著水平.  相似文献
细纱牵伸区附加压力棒的应用分析   总被引:17,自引:7,他引:10  
探讨细纱牵伸区附加压力棒的纺纱原理及效果.分析了细纱牵伸不匀产生的原因、细纱前区附加压力棒的纺纱特点、V形牵伸后区特点及加装压力棒后改善成纱质量的机理,并对细纱前区和后区附加压力棒前后的纺纱情况进行了试验对比.结果表明:V形牵伸后区附加压力棒后消除了纱条进入中钳口时的包围弧,加强了后区中部的摩擦力界,纺纱质量提高.前区附加压力棒后使胶圈钳口更加靠近前钳口,对浮游纤维的控制加强,有利于改善成纱质量,但存在操作清洁难度加大,纱疵率和管间不匀有所增大的问题.指出:细纱牵伸附加压力棒装置在使用中要注意加强日常管理工作,并合理配置相关工艺,才能充分发挥新型器材的作用,保证纺纱质量的稳定.  相似文献
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