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Efficient iris recognition by characterizing key local variations   总被引:37,自引:0,他引:37  
Unlike other biometrics such as fingerprints and face, the distinct aspect of iris comes from randomly distributed features. This leads to its high reliability for personal identification, and at the same time, the difficulty in effectively representing such details in an image. This paper describes an efficient algorithm for iris recognition by characterizing key local variations. The basic idea is that local sharp variation points, denoting the appearing or vanishing of an important image structure, are utilized to represent the characteristics of the iris. The whole procedure of feature extraction includes two steps: 1) a set of one-dimensional intensity signals is constructed to effectively characterize the most important information of the original two-dimensional image; 2) using a particular class of wavelets, a position sequence of local sharp variation points in such signals is recorded as features. We also present a fast matching scheme based on exclusive OR operation to compute the similarity between a pair of position sequences. Experimental results on 2255 iris images show that the performance of the proposed method is encouraging and comparable to the best iris recognition algorithm found in the current literature.  相似文献
显示技术新进展   总被引:35,自引:11,他引:24  
叙述丁CRT、LCD、PDP、FED及OEL技术发展和趋势,在显示领域里TFT LCD的技术进步是最快的,例如;在6—7年时间里.分辨率由CGA(320X240)发展到UXGA(1 600Xl 200);像素密度超过200dpi;用光学补偿膜或IPS、MVA、SAM等技术得到宽视角,克服了LCD显示视角窄的缺点;用低温多晶硅技术,把周边驱动电路集成到TFT LCD屏上等。最后描述了我国显示技术发展现状与前景。  相似文献
Linear network coding   总被引:33,自引:0,他引:33  
Consider a communication network in which certain source nodes multicast information to other nodes on the network in the multihop fashion where every node can pass on any of its received data to others. We are interested in how fast each node can receive the complete information, or equivalently, what the information rate arriving at each node is. Allowing a node to encode its received data before passing it on, the question involves optimization of the multicast mechanisms at the nodes. Among the simplest coding schemes is linear coding, which regards a block of data as a vector over a certain base field and allows a node to apply a linear transformation to a vector before passing it on. We formulate this multicast problem and prove that linear coding suffices to achieve the optimum, which is the max-flow from the source to each receiving node.  相似文献
毫米波副载波光纤通信技术的研究进展   总被引:31,自引:10,他引:21  
方祖捷  叶青  刘峰  瞿荣辉 《中国激光》2006,33(4):81-488
综述了用于下一代移动通信的光纤毫米波副载波通信技术(ROF)的研究进展。介绍了系统的基本构想和涉及的关键技术。着重介绍几种毫米波副载波光发射器以及有关光学技术的新进展,包括外调制器方法、射频上转换法、光学外差法、毫米波调制光脉冲发生器等;简要介绍了ROF接收技术、系统技术和有关应用的研究动向。  相似文献
GGG系列激光晶体研究进展   总被引:29,自引:5,他引:24  
GGG和GSGG系列晶体是性能优异的LD泵浦激光晶体.本文评述了GGG和GSGG系列晶体的性能、生长和应用,指出了它们将在未来LD泵浦高功率激光器中获得广泛应用.  相似文献
基于最大化对齐度的多模态图像自动配准   总被引:24,自引:3,他引:21       下载免费PDF全文
该文讨论图像配准的广义定义并提出一种新的图像配准准则一对齐度.对齐度能够正确地反映两幅不同灰度属性的图像是否配准,并且将图像配准归结为对齐度的最大化.新准则可以用来配准多模态图像包括灰度属性差异很大的图像.该文应用多分辨率方法和Powcll方向族搜索法来最大化对齐度.因此,用该方法可以自动地处理图像配准问题,不需要定义地标点或特征点.多模态医学图像和遥感图像的自动配准的例子说明了该文方法的有效性。  相似文献
数字水印中的正交小波基   总被引:24,自引:0,他引:24       下载免费PDF全文
该文主要研究了水印算法中小波基的选择和正交小波基的性质与水印稳健性的关系.研究结果表明:正交小波基的正则性、消失矩阶数、支撑长度以及小波图像能量在低频带的集中程度对水印稳健性的影响极小.同时也得到了一个有意义的结论:Haar小波比较适合应用于图像水印.该文还研究了在水印算法中,小波变换级数和嵌入公式的选取及其它一些问题.  相似文献
高功率光纤激光器研究进展   总被引:23,自引:3,他引:20  
高功率掺镱双包层光纤激光器由于在效率、散热和光束质量方面的优势,在工业加工、医疗和国防等领域具有广泛的应用前景,是目前国际上激光技术研究的热点之一.首先综述了国际上高功率光纤激光器的研究进展情况,然后重点介绍了中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所在连续光纤激光和脉冲光纤激光方面所取得的进展,采用双端泵浦技术,在15 m的国产双包层光纤中获得440 W的连续输出,采用MOPA方式,以4 m长的国产光纤作为放大介质,在100 kHz时,获得了133 W的平均功率输出.  相似文献
测量波片延迟量和快轴方位的新方法   总被引:21,自引:6,他引:15  
王伟  李国华  吴福全  宋连科  薛冬 《中国激光》2003,30(12):1121-1123
提出了一种能同时测量波片延迟量大小和快慢轴方位的新方法。此方法是将待测波片置于起偏镜和检偏镜之间 ,通过计算机控制步进电机带动待测波片匀速旋转 ,对出射光的光强进行连续测量 ,得到出射光光强随时间变化曲线。分析实验曲线 ,可计算出波片的延迟量 ,同时也可确定波片快慢轴的方位。实验过程采用计算机控制 ,操作简单 ,并且在很大程度上消除了人眼分辨率有限和手动调节不精确带来的误差 ,因而具有较高的精度  相似文献
Automatic gait recognition based on statistical shape analysis   总被引:20,自引:0,他引:20  
Gait recognition has recently gained significant attention from computer vision researchers. This interest is strongly motivated by the need for automated person identification systems at a distance in visual surveillance and monitoring applications. The paper proposes a simple and efficient automatic gait recognition algorithm using statistical shape analysis. For each image sequence, an improved background subtraction procedure is used to extract moving silhouettes of a walking figure from the background. Temporal changes of the detected silhouettes are then represented as an associated sequence of complex vector configurations in a common coordinate frame, and are further analyzed using the Procrustes shape analysis method to obtain mean shape as gait signature. Supervised pattern classification techniques, based on the full Procrustes distance measure, are adopted for recognition. This method does not directly analyze the dynamics of gait, but implicitly uses the action of walking to capture the structural characteristics of gait, especially the shape cues of body biometrics. The algorithm is tested on a database consisting of 240 sequences from 20 different subjects walking at 3 viewing angles in an outdoor environment. Experimental results are included to demonstrate the encouraging performance of the proposed algorithm.  相似文献
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