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Secure spread spectrum watermarking for multimedia   总被引:668,自引:0,他引:668  
This paper presents a secure (tamper-resistant) algorithm for watermarking images, and a methodology for digital watermarking that may be generalized to audio, video, and multimedia data. We advocate that a watermark should be constructed as an independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) Gaussian random vector that is imperceptibly inserted in a spread-spectrum-like fashion into the perceptually most significant spectral components of the data. We argue that insertion of a watermark under this regime makes the watermark robust to signal processing operations (such as lossy compression, filtering, digital-analog and analog-digital conversion, requantization, etc.), and common geometric transformations (such as cropping, scaling, translation, and rotation) provided that the original image is available and that it can be successfully registered against the transformed watermarked image. In these cases, the watermark detector unambiguously identifies the owner. Further, the use of Gaussian noise, ensures strong resilience to multiple-document, or collusional, attacks. Experimental results are provided to support these claims, along with an exposition of pending open problems.  相似文献
软件复用与软件构件技术   总被引:356,自引:7,他引:349  
杨芙清  梅宏  李克勤 《电子学报》1999,27(2):68-75,51
软件复用是在软件开发中避免重复劳动的解决方案。通过软件复用,可以提高软件开发的效率和质量。近十几年来,面向对象技术出现并逐步成为主流技术,为软件复用提供了基本的技术支持软件复用研究重新成为热点,被视为解决软件危机,提高软件生产效率和质量的现实可行的途径。  相似文献
Active contours without edges   总被引:356,自引:0,他引:356  
We propose a new model for active contours to detect objects in a given image, based on techniques of curve evolution, Mumford-Shah (1989) functional for segmentation and level sets. Our model can detect objects whose boundaries are not necessarily defined by the gradient. We minimize an energy which can be seen as a particular case of the minimal partition problem. In the level set formulation, the problem becomes a "mean-curvature flow"-like evolving the active contour, which will stop on the desired boundary. However, the stopping term does not depend on the gradient of the image, as in the classical active contour models, but is instead related to a particular segmentation of the image. We give a numerical algorithm using finite differences. Finally, we present various experimental results and in particular some examples for which the classical snakes methods based on the gradient are not applicable. Also, the initial curve can be anywhere in the image, and interior contours are automatically detected.  相似文献
This paper is motivated by the need for fundamental understanding of ultimate limits of bandwidth efficient delivery of higher bit-rates in digital wireless communications and to also begin to look into how these limits might be approached. We examine exploitation of multi-element array (MEA) technology, that is processing the spatial dimension (not just the time dimension) to improve wireless capacities in certain applications. Specifically, we present some basic information theory results that promise great advantages of using MEAs in wireless LANs and building to building wireless communication links. We explore the important case when the channel characteristic is not available at the transmitter but the receiver knows (tracks) the characteristic which is subject to Rayleigh fading. Fixing the overall transmitted power, we express the capacity offered by MEA technology and we see how the capacity scales with increasing SNR for a large but practical number, n, of antenna elements at both transmitter and receiver.We investigate the case of independent Rayleigh faded paths between antenna elements and find that with high probability extraordinary capacity is available. Compared to the baseline n = 1 case, which by Shannon's classical formula scales as one more bit/cycle for every 3 dB of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) increase, remarkably with MEAs, the scaling is almost like n more bits/cycle for each 3 dB increase in SNR. To illustrate how great this capacity is, even for small n, take the cases n = 2, 4 and 16 at an average received SNR of 21 dB. For over 99% of the channels the capacity is about 7, 19 and 88 bits/cycle respectively, while if n = 1 there is only about 1.2 bit/cycle at the 99% level. For say a symbol rate equal to the channel bandwith, since it is the bits/symbol/dimension that is relevant for signal constellations, these higher capacities are not unreasonable. The 19 bits/cycle for n = 4 amounts to 4.75 bits/symbol/dimension while 88 bits/cycle for n = 16 amounts to 5.5 bits/symbol/dimension. Standard approaches such as selection and optimum combining are seen to be deficient when compared to what will ultimately be possible. New codecs need to be invented to realize a hefty portion of the great capacity promised.  相似文献
王磊  潘进  焦李成 《电子学报》2000,28(7):74-78
频域特征是钢丝绳损伤定量识别的一个重要特征.文中对钢丝绳断丝信号进行了空间域划分和小波变换下的频域特征提取,并用小波网络进行断丝的定量识别.实践结果表明:该方法能够在频域上清楚地区分噪声和损伤信号,提高了钢丝绳断丝检测的能力.  相似文献
DCT域图像水印:嵌入对策和算法   总被引:230,自引:5,他引:225       下载免费PDF全文
 DCT域的隐形水印应嵌入哪里,水印才足够稳健?尽管许多关于DCT域水印算法的文献赞成水印应放在对视觉效果重要的分量,但DC分量总是被无一例外地排除在外.本文提出了一个DCT域隐形水印的嵌入对策和一个应用该对策的自适应水印算法.基于对图像DCT系数振幅的定量分析,我们指出:DC分量比任何AC分量有更大的感觉容量,从稳健性的角度,DC分量最适合用来嵌入水印.应用这个对策,本文提出了一个把视觉系统纹理掩蔽特性结合到水印编码过程的自适应水印算法.实验结果有效地支持了这个结论,所产生的隐形水印体现了很好的稳健性.  相似文献
燕麦细胞癌裸小鼠移植瘤中   总被引:218,自引:0,他引:218  
Image coding using wavelet transform   总被引:217,自引:0,他引:217  
A scheme for image compression that takes into account psychovisual features both in the space and frequency domains is proposed. This method involves two steps. First, a wavelet transform used in order to obtain a set of biorthogonal subclasses of images: the original image is decomposed at different scales using a pyramidal algorithm architecture. The decomposition is along the vertical and horizontal directions and maintains constant the number of pixels required to describe the image. Second, according to Shannon's rate distortion theory, the wavelet coefficients are vector quantized using a multiresolution codebook. To encode the wavelet coefficients, a noise shaping bit allocation procedure which assumes that details at high resolution are less visible to the human eye is proposed. In order to allow the receiver to recognize a picture as quickly as possible at minimum cost, a progressive transmission scheme is presented. It is shown that the wavelet transform is particularly well adapted to progressive transmission.  相似文献
Snakes, shapes, and gradient vector flow   总被引:211,自引:0,他引:211  
Snakes, or active contours, are used extensively in computer vision and image processing applications, particularly to locate object boundaries. Problems associated with initialization and poor convergence to boundary concavities, however, have limited their utility. This paper presents a new external force for active contours, largely solving both problems. This external force, which we call gradient vector flow (GVF), is computed as a diffusion of the gradient vectors of a gray-level or binary edge map derived from the image. It differs fundamentally from traditional snake external forces in that it cannot be written as the negative gradient of a potential function, and the corresponding snake is formulated directly from a force balance condition rather than a variational formulation. Using several two-dimensional (2-D) examples and one three-dimensional (3-D) example, we show that GVF has a large capture range and is able to move snakes into boundary concavities.  相似文献
自适应变异的粒子群优化算法   总被引:209,自引:5,他引:204       下载免费PDF全文
吕振肃  侯志荣 《电子学报》2004,32(3):416-420
本文提出了一种新的基于群体适应度方差自适应变异的粒子群优化算法(AMPSO).该算法在运行过程中根据群体适应度方差以及当前最优解的大小来确定当前最佳粒子的变异概率,变异操作增强了粒子群优化算法跳出局部最优解的能力.对几种典型函数的测试结果表明:新算法的全局收搜索能力有了显著提高,并且能够有效避免早熟收敛问题.  相似文献
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