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Active Appearance Models Revisited   总被引:22,自引:2,他引:20  
Active Appearance Models (AAMs) and the closely related concepts of Morphable Models and Active Blobs are generative models of a certain visual phenomenon. Although linear in both shape and appearance, overall, AAMs are nonlinear parametric models in terms of the pixel intensities. Fitting an AAM to an image consists of minimising the error between the input image and the closest model instance; i.e. solving a nonlinear optimisation problem. We propose an efficient fitting algorithm for AAMs based on the inverse compositional image alignment algorithm. We show that the effects of appearance variation during fitting can be precomputed (projected out) using this algorithm and how it can be extended to include a global shape normalising warp, typically a 2D similarity transformation. We evaluate our algorithm to determine which of its novel aspects improve AAM fitting performance.Supplementary material to this paper is available in electronic form at http://dx.doi.org/10.1023/B:VISI.0000029666.37597.d3  相似文献
Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: A Unifying Framework   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
Since the Lucas-Kanade algorithm was proposed in 1981 image alignment has become one of the most widely used techniques in computer vision. Applications range from optical flow and tracking to layered motion, mosaic construction, and face coding. Numerous algorithms have been proposed and a wide variety of extensions have been made to the original formulation. We present an overview of image alignment, describing most of the algorithms and their extensions in a consistent framework. We concentrate on the inverse compositional algorithm, an efficient algorithm that we recently proposed. We examine which of the extensions to Lucas-Kanade can be used with the inverse compositional algorithm without any significant loss of efficiency, and which cannot. In this paper, Part 1 in a series of papers, we cover the quantity approximated, the warp update rule, and the gradient descent approximation. In future papers, we will cover the choice of the error function, how to allow linear appearance variation, and how to impose priors on the parameters.  相似文献
物体多视角三维图象对齐复位的一种新方法   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
为了高质量准确地对物体多视角三维图象进行快速对齐复位,提出了一种将多个视角三维自然曲面数据精确对齐复位于同一坐标系中的新型迭代方法,该方法根据三维自然曲面的共同特性,并采用不同视角中对应曲面部分的若干单元面法向量误差最小及其对应顶点距离最小的迭代准则来进行对齐复位,同时还详细地叙述了迭代算法的过程,并讨论了提高算法速度与降低累积误差的方法,实例表明,该算法在无需约束三维数据采集过程和不额外增加三维数据采集设备及操作的情况下,不仅速度快,而且由复位后的各视角三维曲面形成的整体表面效果自然逼真。  相似文献
Pattern localization is a fundamental task in machine vision, and autofocus is a requirement for any automated inspection system by allowing greater variation in the distance from the camera to the object being imaged. In this paper, we propose a unified approach to simultaneous autofocus and alignment for pattern localization by extending the idea of image reference approach. Under the least trimmed squares (LTS) scheme, the proposed hybrid weighted Hausdorff distance (HWHD) is a robust similarity metric that combines the Hausdorff distance (HD) with the edge-amplitude normalized gradient (EANG) matching. The EANG is designed to characterize the different degrees of blur at the edge points for focus cues, immune to illumination variations between the reference and the target image. We experimentally illustrate its performance on simulated as well as real data.  相似文献
张培  吴亚锋 《计算机应用》2007,27(3):669-672
传统的反向合成图像对齐算法比较的是模板图像与输入图像之间的像素值.该方法容易受到图像中光照变化的影响,从而导致收敛性变差甚至发散.根据局部指向性对光照变化不敏感的特性,提出了一种新的反向合成图像对齐算法--反向合成梯度算法.由于局部指向性的计算在本质上是图像梯度的计算,因此采用几种不同的梯度算子来计算局部指向性.通过实验,验证了反向合成梯度算法能够有效克服图像中光照变化的影响,同时比较了不同算子在不同光照下对反向合成梯度算法的影响.  相似文献
反向合成梯度算法是一种基于局部指向性的反向合成图像对齐算法.与传统的反向合成图像对齐算法相比,该算法可有效地克服光照变化对匹配结果的影响[1].由于局部指向性的计算在本质上是梯度的计算,而图像梯度的计算可以采用不同的梯度算子,因此采用4种不同的梯度算子(一阶差分算子,Roberts算子,Sobel算子和Prewitt算子)来计算局部指向性,并通过实验比较分析了4种梯度算子对反向合成梯度算法的影响.  相似文献
针对大规模显微图像拼接中的误差累积问题,提出了一种新的图像拼接模型。首先利用基于区域的对准方法,按照由粗到细的分层对准策略,提高图像对准的速度与准确性。然后,利用所有重叠图像对的对准约束,建立了一种图像拼接模型,并通过求解线性方程组得到拼接模型的最优解,从而实现了大规模显微图像的自动拼接。从实验结果看,该算法有效地消除了误差的累积效应,获得了理想的拼接效果。  相似文献
传统的相机的畸变校正方法都需要人工干预不能直接计算,即需要事先放置特定的标定参照物或人工指定对应信息。文章提出了一种基于旋转运动视频序列的多帧对齐,可直接计算相机的径向畸变参数。给出了旋转运动参数模型和对齐多帧图像的优化函数以计算畸变参数,推导了目标函数的线性化公式,然后用阻尼最小二乘法优化计算径向畸变参数和旋转运动场参数。试验显示它对变形图像能给出很好的校正。  相似文献
针对多层显微图像的拼接,提出一种基于3D拓扑图的图像拼接方法.利用基于区域的方法和基于特征的方法,分别对同层和异层图像对准;利用3D拓扑图的修正以消除空白区的影响;根据修正的3D拓扑图和多层图像投影坐标的误差建立多层图像的全局对准模型;利用非线性最优化方法,得到具有全局一致性的多层图像拼接结果.  相似文献
反向组合算法是最有效的图像对齐算法之一,但该算法抗干扰能力差.当输入图像部分被遮挡时,图像对齐效果变差.针对该问题,我们提出一种采用多尺度掩模消除干扰的反向组合算法.该算法采用自适应的方法设置初始掩模,再通过迭代判断和逐层分块来细化初始掩模,使得掩模能准确地设置在干扰区域上.实验结果表明,该算法既保留了原反向组合算法的优点,又提高了算法抗干扰的能力,使得反向组合算法能在更复杂的环境下进行图像对齐.  相似文献
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