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Valence-Driven Connectivity Encoding for 3D Meshes   总被引:13,自引:0,他引:13  
In this paper, we propose a valence-driven, single-resolution encoding technique for lossless compression of triangle mesh connectivity. Building upon a valence-based approach pioneered by Touma and Gotsman22 , we design a new valence-driven conquest for arbitrary meshes that always guarantees smaller compression rates than the original method. Furthermore, we provide a novel theoretical entropy study of our technique, hinting the optimality of the valence-driven approach. Finally, we demonstrate the practical efficiency of this approach (in agreement with the theoretical prediction) on a series of test meshes, resulting in the lowest compression ratios published so far, for both irregular and regular meshes, small or large.  相似文献
计算机辅助生成剪纸形象   总被引:10,自引:0,他引:10  
首先以手工剪纸动物形象为对象,通过分析其造型分解出构成剪纸的纹样,然后用计算机方法构成这些纹样库,用户在创作时首先构造出剪纸动物形象的轮廓,然后在纹样库中选出适当的纹样嵌入到剪纸轮廓内的指定位置上,文中系统可以广泛应用于装饰图案设计、电子贺卡、广告以及游戏、动画等领域。  相似文献
A Unified Subdivision Scheme for Polygonal Modeling   总被引:9,自引:0,他引:9  
Subdivision rules have traditionally been designed to generate smooth surfaces from polygonal meshes. In this paper we propose to employ subdivision rules as a polygonal modeling tool, specifically to add additional level of detail to meshes. However, existing subdivision schemes have several undesirable properties making them ill suited for polygonal modeling. In this paper we propose a general set of subdivision rules which provides users with more control over the subdivision process. Most existing subdivision schemes are special cases. In particular, we provide subdivision rules which blend approximating spline based schemes with interpolatory ones. Also, we generalize subdivision to allow any number of refinements to be performed in a single step.  相似文献
The need to perform fast and accurate proximity queries arises frequently in physically-based modeling, simulation, animation, real-time interaction within a virtual environment, and game dynamics. The set of proximity queries include intersection detection, tolerance verification, exact and approximate minimum distance computation, and (disjoint) contact determination. Specialized data structures and algorithms have often been designed to perform each type of query separately. We present a unified approach to perform any of these queries seamlessly for general, rigid polyhedral objects with boundary representations which are orientable 2-manifolds. The proposed method involves a hierarchical data structure built upon a surface decomposition of the models. Furthermore, the incremental query algorithm takes advantage of coherence between successive frames. It has been applied to complex benchmarks and compares very favorably with earlier algorithms and systems.  相似文献
实时绘制3D中国画效果   总被引:6,自引:3,他引:3  
介绍了一个利用可编程图形硬件对3D山峦模型进行实时水墨效果绘制的系统.首先建立对应于不同层次的一组纹理图像,图像中的笔刷纹理按照手工绘画那样非均匀分布并构成明暗变化的纹理序列.系统在运行,首先检测山峦模型的位置来确定它所在的层,然后根据山峦模型的光照值对相应的纹理进行混合,山峦底部则与背景的云雾图进行混合,以得到最终的具有国画风格的画面.  相似文献
基于样本的线条画风格转换与定制方法的研究   总被引:5,自引:0,他引:5  
提出了一种利用线条画作为样本对任意线条画进行风格转换和定制的方法,该方法不仅可以将样本图风格转移到目标图,还可以方便地控制目标图与样本图之间风格的相似程度,该方法主要采用基于细分笔划的风格相似性比较算法,可在多层次上把目标图转换为样本图风格,不仅如此,还通过定义风格的插值操作实现对风格的定制,与已有方法相比,文中方法只需少量的样本笔划即可进行风格转换,并且通过风格定制,使风格转换具较强的交互可控性,文章最后通过实例证明了方法的有效性。  相似文献
体绘制中显示隐含分界面的一种方法及其实现   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4       下载免费PDF全文
彭延军  石教英 《软件学报》2002,13(9):1887-1892
在普通的体光照模型下,使用直接体绘制显示对象内部的隐含分界面(内部不同介质之间的分界面),需要改变传递函数,确定体素的颜色值和不透明度.虽然能够看到对象内部的结构,但是在这种模型下,要透过物体的表面清晰地看到其内部的隐含分界面是不可能的.这一方面是由于普通体光照模型中的粒子不具有选择透光性,即不能透过波长在一定范围内的可见光而吸收另一部分波长不同的可见光,只能同等地吸收各种波长的光;另一方面是因为普通体光照模型缺乏表面信息部分.该算法使用一种具有选择透光性的体光照模型,在这种模型中加入表面散射部分,这一部分与视线、光源位置无关,同时采用非真实感绘制技术来加大隐含分界面的显示效果.在这种光照模型下,可以清晰地显示出隐含分界面具体的细节部分.  相似文献
In this paper we present a fast visualization technique for volumetric data, which is based on a recent non-photorealistic rendering technique. Our new approach enables alternative insights into 3D data sets (compared to traditional approaches such as direct volume rendering or iso-surface rendering). Object contours, which usually are characterized by locally high gradient values, are visualized regardless of their density values. Cumbersome tuning of transfer functions, as usually needed for setting up DVR views is avoided. Instead, a small number of parameters is available to adjust the non-photorealistic display. Based on the magnitude of local gradient information as well as on the angle between viewing direction and gradient vector, data values are mapped to visual properties (color, opacity), which then are combined to form the rendered image (MIP is proposed as the default compositing stragtegy here). Due to the fast implementation of this alternative rendering approach, it is possible to interactively investigate the 3D data, and quickly learn about internal structures. Several further extensions of our new approach, such as level lines are also presented in this paper.  相似文献
基于纹样的计算机剪纸系统   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
以手工剪纸为对象,分析其造型,分解出构成剪纸的纹样,用计算机方法构成这些纹样库。用户创作时可在纹样库中选择所需纹样嵌入在指定位置上,实现对称性设计,系统能自动判断纹样是否相交,同时可灵活地更换纹样,生成不同的剪纸形象。该系统可以广泛地应用在装饰图案设计、电子贺卡、广告以及游戏、动画等领域。  相似文献
非真实感绘制中轮廓线检测技术综述   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
轮廓线技术在非真实感绘制中占有重要地位。它的表现不仅关系到非真实感绘制最终效果的好坏,而且也是实时绘制应用中一个提高速度的关键。本文介绍了非真实感绘制中流行的和最新的轮廓线检测技术,结合可见性问题来讨论轮廓线检测的算法和技术,并对这些算法和技术进行了分类与分析,总结了其优缺点和适用场景。  相似文献
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