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Rough sets   总被引:1295,自引:0,他引:1295  
We investigate in this paper approximate operations on sets, approximate equality of sets, and approximate inclusion of sets. The presented approach may be considered as an alternative to fuzzy sets theory and tolerance theory. Some applications are outlined.  相似文献
关于统计学习理论与支持向量机   总被引:955,自引:6,他引:949       下载免费PDF全文
模式识别、函数拟合及概率密度估计等都属于基于数据学习的问题,现有方法的重 要基础是传统的统计学,前提是有足够多样本,当样本数目有限时难以取得理想的效果.统计 学习理论(SLT)是由Vapnik等人提出的一种小样本统计理论,着重研究在小样本情况下的 统计规律及学习方法性质.SLT为机器学习问题建立了一个较好的理论框架,也发展了一种 新的通用学习算法--支持向量机(SVM),能够较好的解决小样本学习问题.目前,SLT和 SVM已成为国际上机器学习领域新的研究热点.本文是一篇综述,旨在介绍SLT和SVM的 基本思想、特点和研究发展现状,以引起国内学者的进一步关注.  相似文献
A Tutorial on Support Vector Machines for Pattern Recognition   总被引:661,自引:0,他引:661  
The tutorial starts with an overview of the concepts of VC dimension and structural risk minimization. We then describe linear Support Vector Machines (SVMs) for separable and non-separable data, working through a non-trivial example in detail. We describe a mechanical analogy, and discuss when SVM solutions are unique and when they are global. We describe how support vector training can be practically implemented, and discuss in detail the kernel mapping technique which is used to construct SVM solutions which are nonlinear in the data. We show how Support Vector machines can have very large (even infinite) VC dimension by computing the VC dimension for homogeneous polynomial and Gaussian radial basis function kernels. While very high VC dimension would normally bode ill for generalization performance, and while at present there exists no theory which shows that good generalization performance is guaranteed for SVMs, there are several arguments which support the observed high accuracy of SVMs, which we review. Results of some experiments which were inspired by these arguments are also presented. We give numerous examples and proofs of most of the key theorems. There is new material, and I hope that the reader will find that even old material is cast in a fresh light.  相似文献
Support-Vector Networks   总被引:541,自引:0,他引:541  
Thesupport-vector network is a new learning machine for two-group classification problems. The machine conceptually implements the following idea: input vectors are non-linearly mapped to a very high-dimension feature space. In this feature space a linear decision surface is constructed. Special properties of the decision surface ensures high generalization ability of the learning machine. The idea behind the support-vector network was previously implemented for the restricted case where the training data can be separated without errors. We here extend this result to non-separable training data.High generalization ability of support-vector networks utilizing polynomial input transformations is demonstrated. We also compare the performance of the support-vector network to various classical learning algorithms that all took part in a benchmark study of Optical Character Recognition.  相似文献
Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints   总被引:224,自引:6,他引:218  
This paper presents a method for extracting distinctive invariant features from images that can be used to perform reliable matching between different views of an object or scene. The features are invariant to image scale and rotation, and are shown to provide robust matching across a substantial range of affine distortion, change in 3D viewpoint, addition of noise, and change in illumination. The features are highly distinctive, in the sense that a single feature can be correctly matched with high probability against a large database of features from many images. This paper also describes an approach to using these features for object recognition. The recognition proceeds by matching individual features to a database of features from known objects using a fast nearest-neighbor algorithm, followed by a Hough transform to identify clusters belonging to a single object, and finally performing verification through least-squares solution for consistent pose parameters. This approach to recognition can robustly identify objects among clutter and occlusion while achieving near real-time performance.  相似文献
人脸检测研究综述   总被引:199,自引:1,他引:198  
人脸检测问题最初作为自动人脸识别系统的定位环节被提出,近年来由于其在安全访问控制,视觉监测、基于内容和检索和新一代人机界面等领域的应用价值,开始作为一个独立的课题受到研究者的普遍重视。该文从人脸检测问题的分类、人脸模式的分析、特征提取与特征综合、性能评价等角度,系统地整理分析了人脸检测问题的研究文献,将人脸检测方法主要划分为基于知识的人脸验证方法和基于统计的学习方法,指出统计学习方法优于启发式验证方法。  相似文献
基于虹膜识别的身份鉴别   总被引:152,自引:0,他引:152       下载免费PDF全文
描述了基于虹膜识别的身份鉴别系统.该系统包括虹膜图像摄取、图像预处理、特征提 取和匹配四个部分.虹膜图像摄取采用了自主开发研制的装置,特征提取采用Gabor滤波和 Daubechies-4小波变换等纹理分析方法,匹配采用方差倒数加权欧氏距离方法.与现有的其它 方法相比,该方法利用了二维虹膜图像丰富的纹理信息并具有旋转、平移和尺度不变性.  相似文献
人脸识别技术综述   总被引:124,自引:2,他引:122  
首先对计算机人脸自动识别技术的研究背景及发展历程做了简单回顾,然后对人脸正面像的识别方法,按照识别特征的不同进行了分类综述,主要介绍了特征脸(Eigenface)方法、基于小波特征的弹性匹配(Elastic Matching)的方法、形状和灰度模型分离的可变形模型(Flexibl Model)以及传统的部件建模等分析方法。通过对各种识别方法的分析与比较,总结了影响人脸识别技术实用化的几个因素,并提出了研究和开发成功的人脸识别技术所需要考虑的几个重要方面,进而展望了人脸识别技术今后的发展方向。  相似文献
基于步态的身份识别   总被引:86,自引:0,他引:86  
提出了一种简单有效的自动步态识别算法,对于每个序列而言,一种改进的背景减除方法用于检测行人的运动轮廓,然后,这些时变的2D轮廓形状被转换为对应的1D距离信号,同时通过特征空间变换来提取低维步态特征,基于时空相关或归一化欧氏距离度量,标准的模式分类技术用于最终的识别,实验结果表明该算法不仅获得了令人鼓舞的识别性能,而且拥有相对较低的计算代价。  相似文献
自动特征识别技术综述   总被引:81,自引:0,他引:81  
高曙明 《计算机学报》1998,21(3):281-288
自动特征识别是从零件实体模型中抽取出具有特定工程意义的特征信息,由于自动特征识别构成CAD与CAPP之间的智能接口,对实现CAD,CAPP,CAM集成具有重要意义,因此一直是CAD/CAM领域的研究热点,研究成果十分丰硕,另一方面,由于特征识别具有相当难度,该领域对仍存在的许多问题有待解决,本文对自动特征识别技术的历史和现状进行全面综述,介绍了具有代表性的特征识别方法,并阐述各个方法的特点,最后对  相似文献
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