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Improved Relevance Ranking in WebGather   总被引:7,自引:0,他引:7       下载免费PDF全文
The amount of information on the web is growing rapidly,and search engines that rely on keyword matching usually return too many low quality matches.To improve search results,a challenging task for search engines is how to effecively calculate a relevance ranking for each web page,This paper discusses in what order a search engine should return the uRLs it has produced in response to a user‘s query,so at to show ore relevant pages first.Emphasis is given on the ranking functions adopted by WebGather that take link structure and user popularity factors into account.Experimental results are also presented to evaluate the proposed strategy.  相似文献
基于P2P的Web搜索技术   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4       下载免费PDF全文
方启明  杨广文  武永卫  郑纬民 《软件学报》2008,19(10):2706-2719
Web搜索引擎已经成为人们从海量Web信息中快速找到所需信息的重要工具,随着Web数据量的爆炸性增长,传统的集中式搜索引擎已经越来越不能满足人们不断增长的信息获取需求.随着对等网络(peer-to-peer,简称P2P)技术的快速发展,人们提出了基于P2P的Web搜索技术并迅速成为研究热点.研究的目的是对现有的基于P2P的Web搜索技术进行总结,以期为进一步研究指明方向.首先分析了基于P2P的Web搜索面临的诸多挑战;然后重点总结分析了基于P2P的Web搜索的各项关键技术的研究现状,包括系统拓扑结构、数据存放策略、查询路由机制、索引切分策略、数据集选择、相关性排序、网页收集方法等;最后对已有的3个较有特色的基于P2P的Web搜索原型系统进行了介绍.  相似文献
Clair:一种基于P2P的BitTorrent关键词检索系统   总被引:2,自引:1,他引:1  
P2P技术是近年学术界和工业界关注的焦点。BitTorrent(以下简称BT)作为一个P2P文件共享系统,用户量不断增长,已逐渐成为网络带宽的主要消耗者之一。BT用户必须到各个发布站点上查找种子文件,致使用户查询的效率比较低。为此,论文提出了基于对等网络的针对BT关键词检索系统Clair,该系统能够高效采集网页上存在的“元信息”文件,快速索引文本以及索引的均匀切分,同时通过针对性的相关性排序算法,给予用户较好的查询结果。实验结果表明,Clair系统具有较好的综合性能。  相似文献
基于关键字的数据库搜索研究综述   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
介绍了基于关键字的关系数据库搜索技术的研究成果,从数据建模、体系结构、关键算法等几个方面详细分析和比较了各种技术的特点和优劣,并指出了现有技术中存在的一些问题,提出数据库关键字搜索技术未来的研究方向。  相似文献
随着信息化建设的深入发展,应用系统积累的数据和信息资源越来越多.如何在不影响现有应用系统的配置和管理模式下,针对大量的分散和异构的应用,为用户提供快速准确的信息获取服务,已经成为一个亟待解决的问题.为此,提出了基于语义的信息获取服务平台,通过引入基于语义的全局数据视图对文档加以快速索引,并对索引进行切分和备份,同时采用针对性的相关性排序算法,为用户提供更好的信息获取服务.  相似文献
Geographic Information Retrieval is concerned with retrieving documents in response to a spatially related query. This paper addresses the ranking of documents by both textual and spatial relevance. To this end, we introduce multi-dimensional scattered ranking, where textually and spatially similar documents are ranked spread in the list, instead of consecutively. The effect of this is that documents close together in the ranked list have less redundant information. We present various ranking methods of this type, efficient algorithms to implement them, and experiments to show the outcome of the methods.*This research is supported by the EU-IST Project No. IST-2001-35047 (SPIRIT).  相似文献
Musical scores are traditionally retrieved by title, composer or subject classification. Just as multimedia computer systems increase the range of opportunities available for presenting musical information, so they also offer new ways of posing musically-oriented queries. This paper shows how scores can be retrieved from a database on the basis of a few notes sung or hummed into a microphone. The design of such a facility raises several interesting issues pertaining to music retrieval. We first describe an interface that transcribes acoustic input into standard music notation. We then analyze string matching requirements for ranked retrieval of music and present the results of an experiment which tests how accurately people sing well known melodies. The performance of several string matching criteria are analyzed using two folk song databases. Finally, we describe a prototype system which has been developed for retrieval of tunes from acoustic input and evaluate its performance.  相似文献
针对传统方法不能很好地处理网页中简短域和用户查询之间的相关性排序问题,提出一种改进的编辑距离(MED)排序算法,在编码和计算过程中引入查询词分布的位置、顺序和距离等信息,将查询和简短域之间的相关性问题转化为编码字符串的相似性问题。仿真实验结果表明,与传统的相关性排序算法相比,该算法可以提高网页搜索中简短网页域的相关性排序性能。  相似文献
Keyword search in XML documents has recently gained a lot of research attention. Given a keyword query, existing approaches first compute the lowest common ancestors (LCAs) or their variants of XML elements that contain the input keywords, and then identify the subtrees rooted at the LCAs as the answer. In this the paper we study how to use the rich structural relationships embedded in XML documents to facilitate the processing of keyword queries. We develop a novel method, called SAIL, to index such structural relationships for efficient XML keyword search. We propose the concept of minimal-cost trees to answer keyword queries and devise structure-aware indices to maintain the structural relationships for efficiently identifying the minimal-cost trees. For effectively and progressively identifying the top-k answers, we develop techniques using link-based relevance ranking and keyword-pair-based ranking. To reduce the index size, we incorporate a numbering scheme, namely schema-aware dewey code, into our structure-aware indices. Experimental results on real data sets show that our method outperforms state-of-the-art approaches significantly, in both answer quality and search efficiency.  相似文献
针对传统关系型数据库海量地名数据检索效率低下的问题,提出了一种盘古分词和Lucene全文检索相结合的地名数据库快速检索方法。首先,设计了一种地名数据表结构,比较了几种常用开源分词器的中文分词性能,并选用性能优异的盘古中文分词器,通过扩展其词典来实现中文地名的有效分词。其次,利用内存索引和多线程并行处理技术提高Lucene创建倒排索引效率,并依据地名类别和显示优先级属性优化了检索结果相关度排序策略。最后,开发了一套具有快速搜索和地图定位展示的Web地名检索系统,使用500万条真实地名数据测试了其检索性能,查询平均耗时不到1秒,比MySQL数据库模糊检索效率提高了15倍,匹配结果也更加准确,能够提供高效灵活的海量地名公共检索服务。  相似文献
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