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A Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Two-Frame Stereo Correspondence Algorithms   总被引:83,自引:8,他引:75  
Stereo matching is one of the most active research areas in computer vision. While a large number of algorithms for stereo correspondence have been developed, relatively little work has been done on characterizing their performance. In this paper, we present a taxonomy of dense, two-frame stereo methods. Our taxonomy is designed to assess the different components and design decisions made in individual stereo algorithms. Using this taxonomy, we compare existing stereo methods and present experiments evaluating the performance of many different variants. In order to establish a common software platform and a collection of data sets for easy evaluation, we have designed a stand-alone, flexible C++ implementation that enables the evaluation of individual components and that can easily be extended to include new algorithms. We have also produced several new multi-frame stereo data sets with ground truth and are making both the code and data sets available on the Web. Finally, we include a comparative evaluation of a large set of today's best-performing stereo algorithms.  相似文献
软件体系结构研究进展   总被引:75,自引:7,他引:68       下载免费PDF全文
梅宏  申峻嵘 《软件学报》2006,17(6):1257-1275
作为控制软件复杂性、提高软件系统质量、支持软件开发和复用的重要手段之一,软件体系结构自提出以来,日益受到软件研究者和实践者的关注,并发展成为软件工程的一个重要的研究领域.如今,软件体系结构的研究也开始超出传统的对软件设计阶段的支持,逐步扩展到整个软件生命周期.基于软件体系结构近十年来的研究进展,综述了在软件生命周期的不同阶段软件体系结构的研究与应用,并探讨了软件体系结构领域的发展与研究方向.  相似文献
分布式协同设计技术综述   总被引:68,自引:7,他引:61  
分析了分布式协同设计中的关键技术问题,介绍了其目前的主要研究进展和代表性成果.在集成技术方面,重点阐述了CAX/DFX工具的分布集成问题,包括封装、互操作、本体论;在协同技术方面,集中分析了异步协同设计、同步协同设计和协同装配设计;最后对该领域需要解决的深层次问题进行了讨论。  相似文献
中国图像工程及当前的几个研究热点   总被引:55,自引:5,他引:50  
首先对图像工程及其三个层次给予概括介绍,并对中国图像工程文献综述系列的分类结果进行分析,由此归纳出近几年中国图像工程研究和应用的4个研究新热点。这4个处在图像工程三个不同层次的新热点分别是图像数字水印和图像信息隐藏,人脸和器官的检测、定位与识别,多传感器图像信息融合以及基于内容的图像和视频检索。文中对这4个新热点的基本情况、研究现状、技术原理、应用特点、存在问题、发展方向等进行了较为详细的介绍和讨论,为了解图像工程研究应用的情况和开展相关工作提供了参考。  相似文献
Artificial immune systems as a novel soft computing paradigm   总被引:35,自引:0,他引:35  
Artificial immune systems (AIS) can be defined as computational systems inspired by theoretical immunology, observed immune functions, principles and mechanisms in order to solve problems. Their development and application domains follow those of soft computing paradigms such as artificial neural networks (ANN), evolutionary algorithms (EA) and fuzzy systems (FS). Despite some isolated efforts, the field of AIS still lacks an adequate framework for design, interpretation and application. This paper proposes one such framework, discusses the suitability of AIS as a novel soft computing paradigm and reviews those works from the literature that integrate AIS with other approaches, focusing ANN, EA and FS. Similarities and differences between AIS and each of the other approaches are outlined. New trends on how to create hybrids of these paradigms and what could be the benefits of this hybridization are also presented. Leandro N. de Castro would like to thank the Computing Laboratory and CNPq (Profix n. 540396/01-0) for the financial support and Prof. Dr. Fernando J. Von Zuben for his indispensable comments on the development of a framework for the AIS. Jon Timmis would like to thank the Computing Laboratory, UKC for their continued support in this new area of research.  相似文献
机器人视觉伺服研究进展   总被引:29,自引:1,他引:28  
王麟琨  徐德  谭民 《机器人》2004,26(3):277-282
介绍了机器人视觉伺服系统的结构和主要研究内容,比较了当前几种主要的视觉伺服方法,针对当前 机器人视觉伺服所面临的主要问题,详细阐述了近期提出的一些解决方法.  相似文献
角点检测技术综述   总被引:25,自引:2,他引:23       下载免费PDF全文
角点是图像很重要的特征,对图像图形的理解和分析有很重要的作用。对灰度图像、二值图像、边缘轮廓曲线的角点检测算法进行综述,分析了相关的算法,并对各种检测算法给出了评价。  相似文献
数据驱动控制理论及方法的回顾和展望   总被引:25,自引:0,他引:25       下载免费PDF全文
给出了数据驱动控制理论和方法相关问题的定义, 从控制理论、实际应用和历史发展趋势三个角度阐述了数据驱动控制的存在背景, 说明了数据驱动控制理论和方法的适用条件. 综述了已有数据驱动控制方法的本质内容和发展历程, 从数据利用的角度指出了已存在的数据驱动控制方法的区别和应用环境, 并对数据驱动控制理论的发展进行了展望.  相似文献
Multiagent Systems: A Survey from a Machine Learning Perspective   总被引:24,自引:0,他引:24  
Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) has existed as a subfield of AI for less than two decades. DAI is concerned with systems that consist of multiple independent entities that interact in a domain. Traditionally, DAI has been divided into two sub-disciplines: Distributed Problem Solving (DPS) focuses on the information management aspects of systems with several components working together towards a common goal; Multiagent Systems (MAS) deals with behavior management in collections of several independent entities, or agents. This survey of MAS is intended to serve as an introduction to the field and as an organizational framework. A series of general multiagent scenarios are presented. For each scenario, the issues that arise are described along with a sampling of the techniques that exist to deal with them. The presented techniques are not exhaustive, but they highlight how multiagent systems can be and have been used to build complex systems. When options exist, the techniques presented are biased towards machine learning approaches. Additional opportunities for applying machine learning to MAS are highlighted and robotic soccer is presented as an appropriate test bed for MAS. This survey does not focus exclusively on robotic systems. However, we believe that much of the prior research in non-robotic MAS is relevant to robotic MAS, and we explicitly discuss several robotic MAS, including all of those presented in this issue.  相似文献
无线传感器网络   总被引:24,自引:1,他引:23  
随着传感器、计算机和通信技术的发展,由于其广泛的应用前景,集成了这三种技术的无线传感器网络引起广大研究人员的关注。该文简单地介绍了无线传感器网络的体系结构和特点,并着重从设计传感器网络的基本原则出发,分析了无线传感器网络研究的一些关键问题。最后,文章探讨了无线传感器网络的应用前景,并给出了结论。  相似文献
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