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Unsupervised texture segmentation using Gabor filters   总被引:88,自引:0,他引:88  
This paper presents a texture segmentation algorithm inspired by the multi-channel filtering theory for visual information processing in the early stages of human visual system. The channels are characterized by a bank of Gabor filters that nearly uniformly covers the spatial-frequency domain, and a systematic filter selection scheme is proposed, which is based on reconstruction of the input image from the filtered images. Texture features are obtained by subjecting each (selected) filtered image to a nonlinear transformation and computing a measure of “energy” in a window around each pixel. A square-error clustering algorithm is then used to integrate the feature images and produce a segmentation. A simple procedure to incorporate spatial information in the clustering process is proposed. A relative index is used to estimate the “true” number of texture categories.  相似文献
基于颜色和纹理分析的车牌定位方法   总被引:79,自引:1,他引:78  
针对复杂背景的车牌定位问题,提出了一种颜色和纹理分析相结合的车牌定位算法。该算法采用基于适合彩色图象相似性比较的HSV颜色模型,首先在颜色空间进行距离和相似度计算;然后对输入图象进行颜色分割,只有满足车牌颜色特性的区域,才进入下一步的处理;最后再利用纹理及结构特征对分割出的颜色区域进行分析和进一步判断,并确定车牌区域。该方法不同于大多数的车牌定位方法,它不仅对车牌的大小、汽车在图象中的位置以及图象背景的限制较少,而且,综合特征定位要比单一特征定位更符合人的视觉要求,因而定位效果更好,应用范围更广。  相似文献
地形可视化   总被引:61,自引:1,他引:60  
由于地形可视化有着广阔的应用背景,近来越来越受到人们的关注,该文在给出地形可视化的基本概念和研究内容后,着重讨论和回顾了国内外学者在形形可视化的数字地形模型、地形的简化、地形的多分辨模型和地形的真实性等4个专题领域的主要研究方法和成果,以及尚未解决的问题,最后对这一领域的研究方向和应用前景进行了展望。  相似文献
图像纹理特征提取方法综述   总被引:49,自引:5,他引:44  
纹理是一种重要的视觉线索,是图像中普遍存在而又难以描述的特征。纹理分类与分割是图像处理领域一个经久不衰的热点研究领域,纹理特征提取作为纹理分类与分割的首要问题,一直是人们关注的焦点,各种纹理特征提取方法层出不穷。在广泛文献调研的基础上,回顾了纹理特征提取方法的发展历程,分析了其研究现状,对纹理特征提取方法进行了较为全面的综述,对其进行分类和比较,最后给出了纹理研究领域的主要发展趋势。  相似文献
基于边缘颜色对的车牌定位新方法   总被引:46,自引:0,他引:46  
车牌定位是车牌自动识别系统中的一个关键问题.该文提出了一种新的基于边缘颜色对的车牌定位方法.首先进行彩色边缘检测,然后以每一边缘点为中心,垂直于边缘方向取一线形窗口,在窗口内检测边缘点两侧像素的颜色是否分别匹配车牌的底色与字符颜色,若是,则保留为候选车牌边缘点;然后进行形态滤波,剥离不符合车牌结构特征的区域,最后对候选车牌区域进行纹理特征的分析以确定真实车牌区域.该方法抓住了车牌背景与字符具有固定颜色搭配的重要特点,综合利用了车牌的结构特征和纹理特征,提高了车牌定位的可靠性.对各种条件下拍摄的163幅含有车牌的图像应用该算法,定位准确率达到98.2%。  相似文献
Coherence-Enhancing Diffusion Filtering   总被引:45,自引:0,他引:45  
The completion of interrupted lines or the enhancement of flow-like structures is a challenging task in computer vision, human vision, and image processing. We address this problem by presenting a multiscale method in which a nonlinear diffusion filter is steered by the so-called interest operator (second-moment matrix, structure tensor). An m-dimensional formulation of this method is analysed with respect to its well-posedness and scale-space properties. An efficient scheme is presented which uses a stabilization by a semi-implicit additive operator splitting (AOS), and the scale-space behaviour of this method is illustrated by applying it to both 2-D and 3-D images.  相似文献
数字图像修复技术综述   总被引:36,自引:3,他引:33  
图像修复是图像复原研究中的一个重要内容,它的目的是根据图像现有的信息来自动恢复丢失的信息,其可以用于旧照片中丢失信息的恢复、视频文字去除以及视频错误隐藏等。为了使人们对该技术有个概略了解,在对目前有关数字图像修复技术的文献进行理解和综合的基础上,首先通过对数字图像修复问题的描述,揭示了数字图像修复的数学背景;接着分别介绍了以下两类图像修复技术:一类是基于几何图像模型的图像修补(inpainting)技术,该技术特别适用于修补图像中的小尺度缺损;另一类是基于纹理合成的图像补全(comp letion)技术,该技术对于填充图像中大的丢失块有较好的效果;然后给出了这两类方法的应用实例;最后基于对数字图像修复问题的理解,提出了对数字图像修复技术的一些展望。  相似文献
This paper is devoted to the modeling of real textured images by functional minimization and partial differential equations. Following the ideas of Yves Meyer in a total variation minimization framework of L. Rudin, S. Osher, and E. Fatemi, we decompose a given (possible textured) image f into a sum of two functions u+v, where uBV is a function of bounded variation (a cartoon or sketchy approximation of f), while v is a function representing the texture or noise. To model v we use the space of oscillating functions introduced by Yves Meyer, which is in some sense the dual of the BV space. The new algorithm is very simple, making use of differential equations and is easily solved in practice. Finally, we implement the method by finite differences, and we present various numerical results on real textured images, showing the obtained decomposition u+v, but we also show how the method can be used for texture discrimination and texture segmentation.  相似文献
Algorithms first described in 1993 for recognizing persons by their iris patterns have now been tested in several public field trials, producing no false matches in several million comparison tests. The underlying recognition principle is the failure of a test of statistical independence on texture phase structure as encoded by multi-scale quadrature wavelets. The combinatorial complexity of this phase information across different persons spans about 244 degrees of freedom and generates a discrimination entropy of about 3.2 bits/mm2 over the iris, enabling real-time decisions about personal identity with extremely high confidence. This paper reviews the current algorithms and presents the results of 2.3 million comparisons among eye images acquired in trials in Britain, the USA, and Japan, and it discusses aspects of the process still in need of improvement.  相似文献
图像纹理特征及其在CBIR中的应用   总被引:28,自引:5,他引:23  
基于内容的多媒体信息检索是当前世界的研究热点,然而在图像内容表示及其相似性度量这两个关键问题上取得的进展还不能令人满意。通过深入研究纹理的本质和人类视觉系统的特性,结合MPEG-7标准提出的图像内容描述了概念,提出一种新的谱方法来描述图像的纹理特征,并将其应用于图像内容的表示和检索,在此基础上,讨论了图像的颜色描述子和相似性度量策略,并给出了实验结果和性能评价。  相似文献
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