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An acoustic emission (AE) experiment was carried out to explore the AE location accuracy influenced by temperature. A hollow hemispherical specimen was used to simulate common underground structures. In the process of heating with the flame, the pulse signal of constant frequency was stimulated as an AE source. Then AE signals received by each sensor were collected and used for comparing localization accuracy at different temperatures. Results show that location errors of AE keep the same phenomenon in the early and middle heating stages. In the later stage of heating, location errors of AE increase sharply due to the appearance of cracks. This provides some beneficial suggestions on decreasing location errors of structural cracks caused by temperature and improves the ability of underground structure disaster prevention and control.  相似文献   
中性束注入加热为全超导非圆截面托卡马克(EAST)主要辅助加热方式之一。伴随着中性束注入加热,等离子体中子出射强度可达到1014 n/s。由于中性束注入窗口具有较大的开口尺寸,窗口泄露的大量中子可能影响系统的安全稳定运行。本文基于EAST 中性束二维模型和蒙特卡洛程序MCNP与材料活化程序FISPACT, 研究EAST 两条中性束夹角112.5°时,中性束关键部件材料SS304和铜活化情况,并研究材料活化所导致的停机剂量率,最后利用高纯锗能谱仪测量活化核素的γ能谱。研究表明,理论模拟与实验测量结果吻合较好。中长寿命核素51Cr、58Co、54Mn等为SS304主要活化核素。EAST停止运行5 min后,停机剂量率已经降低到国际热核聚变实验堆计划(ITER)设计的剂量率限值10-5 Sv/h。本研究可为研究聚变堆中性束注入窗口的材料活化和停机维护方案设计提供指导。  相似文献   
对Inconel 690传热管材进行钨极气体保护焊(GTAW)对接焊,采用拉伸试验机、压扁试验机和光学显微镜测试和分析传热管焊接接头,同时利用ANSYS软件开展焊接接头在设计工况失压时的一次应力强度校核。研究结果表明:焊缝中心为树枝胞状晶,熔合线附近为粗大柱状晶。室温时接头的平均抗拉强度为619 MPa,平均屈服强度为292 MPa,350℃时接头平均抗拉强度为475 MPa,平均屈服强度为206 MPa,拉伸接头断裂从熔合区开始贯穿整个焊缝组织,呈塑性断裂。压扁试验和反向压扁试验结果表明管接头完好。通过ANSYS分析可知,设计工况下传热管接头350℃许用应力强度150 MPa限值可满足其一次应力强度要求,且裕量较大。  相似文献   
某微细粒嵌布磁铁矿选矿工艺研究   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
李孝龙 《矿冶工程》2021,41(4):57-60
针对某微细粒磁铁矿进行了全磁选流程和磁选-反浮选流程对比试验研究。结果表明,在最终磨矿细度相当的情况下,2种工艺流程都获得了产率48%左右、TFe品位66%左右、回收率80%左右的铁精矿指标,而采用磁选-反浮选流程的第三段磨矿量比全磁选流程减少了2/3。磁选-反浮选流程具有显著的节能降耗优势。  相似文献   
《Ceramics International》2022,48(3):3051-3058
Contactless optical thermometers have attracted extensive attentions for applications in scientific research and technological fields due to their apparent advantages. Herein, a novel sequence of Ba3-xSrxLu4O9 (B3-xSxLO):Er3+/Yb3+ phosphors were successfully prepared to investigate the temperature sensing property. By establishing energy transfer from Yb3+ to Er3+ and regulating the local lattice environment, up-conversion luminescence of Er3+ is dramatically improved when excited by 980 nm laser. This can effectively promote signal-noise ratio and reduce the errors in temperature detection. Furthermore, a multi-mode optical thermometry, which includes the fluorescence intensity ratio (FIR) from two thermally coupled levels of 2H11/2/4S3/2, FIR based on non-thermally coupled system of 2H11/2/4F9/2 and fluorescence lifetime of 4S3/2 state of Er3+, was explored systematically. The fabricated samples exhibit the superior temperature measurement performances containing wide temperature-sensing range, superior signal discriminability, high sensitivity and favorable repeatability, indicative of the enormous utilization prospects of B3-xSxLO:Er3+/Yb3+ for thermometry.  相似文献   
磁声发射(MAE)是铁磁性材料磁化过程中产生的声发射信号,在构件应力检测和微观损伤检测中有着广泛的应用。针对MAE信号非稳态、复杂性、衰减性等特点,提出海鸥算法结合变分模态分解(SOA-VMD)的去噪方法,为克服海鸥算法求解过程中易陷入局部最优解问题,利用柯西变异算子产生随机迭代过程,使改进算法即柯西变异海欧算法(CVSOA)跳出早熟收敛。采用以幅值谱熵为适应度函数,优化VMD算法中分解模态个数K和二次惩戒因子α两个参数,将含噪声的MAE信号进行VMD分解重构。经仿真信号和实际检测信号分析表明,改进后的CVSOA-VMD算法全局寻优能力和去噪性能优于传统的SOA-VMD算法,降噪后的MAE信号特征值对于不同应力下均方根、偏斜度特征值的重复性更好,可靠性更高。  相似文献   
5G蜂窝网络发展迅猛,其覆盖面积将逐渐增大,因此使用5G蜂窝网络进行定位是有研究潜力的研究方向。本文提出一种新的深度学习技术来实现高效、高精度和低占用的定位,以代替传统指纹定位过程中繁重的指纹库生成以及距离计算。该方法建立了一个特殊的卷积神经网络,并根据5G天线信号的接收信号强度指示、相位和到达角等特征量,选择合适的输入数据格式构造样本组建训练集,对该卷积神经网络进行训练。训练得到的卷积神经网络可以替代指纹定位中的庞大指纹库,非常有利于直接在5G移动设备端实现定位。虽然卷积神经网络在训练过程中需要大量时间,但在训练完毕后直接进行分类定位的速度非常快,可以保障定位实现的实时性。本文所实现的卷积神经网络权重与偏置所占内存不到0.5 MB,且能够在实际应用环境中以95%的定位准确率以及0.1 m的平均定位精度实现高精度定位。  相似文献   
北极地区战略地位的提高促进了极区各种应用的快速发展,冰下水声通信成为其中一个热点问题。为了研究冰下单载波水声通信性能,在黄海冰区开展冰下试验。重点分析了内嵌锁相环的多通道判决反馈均衡(Multi-channelDecision Feedback Equalization, M-DFE)技术在冰下水声通信中抗多途时延的能力,研究比较了改进比例归一化最小均方(Improved Proportional normalized Least Mean Square, IPNLMS)算法和递归最小二乘(Recursive Least Squares,RLS)算法的均衡性能。试验结果表明IPNLMS和RLS都能克服信道多途效应带来的影响。在牺牲计算复杂度的前提下,RLS具有更好的均衡效果,M-DFE在冰下环境中能够有效消除码间干扰。  相似文献   
Prediction of mode I fracture toughness (KIC) of rock is of significant importance in rock engineering analyses. In this study, linear multiple regression (LMR) and gene expression programming (GEP) methods were used to provide a reliable relationship to determine mode I fracture toughness of rock. The presented model was developed based on 60 datasets taken from the previous literature. To predict fracture parameters, three mechanical parameters of rock mass including uniaxial compressive strength (UCS), Brazilian tensile strength (BTS), and elastic modulus (E) have been selected as the input parameters. A cluster of data was collected and divided into two random groups of training and testing datasets. Then, different statistical linear and artificial intelligence based nonlinear analyses were conducted on the training data to provide a reliable prediction model of KIC. These two predictive methods were then evaluated based on the testing data. To evaluate the efficiency of the proposed models for predicting the mode I fracture toughness of rock, various statistical indices including coefficient of determination (R2), root mean square error (RMSE), and mean absolute error (MAE) were utilized herein. In the case of testing datasets, the values of R2, RMSE, and MAE for the GEP model were 0.87, 0.188, and 0.156, respectively, while they were 0.74, 0.473, and 0.223, respectively, for the LMR model. The results indicated that the selected GEP model delivered superior performance with a higher R2 value and lower errors.  相似文献   
Poly(4-styrenesulfonic acid) (PSSA) doped polypyrrole (PPy)/tungsten oxide (WO3)/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) hybrid nanocomposite have been successfully synthesized using appropriate amounts of PSSA, pyrrole monomer, WO3, and rGO dispersed in aqueous solution through in situ chemical oxidation polymerization. Here, a simple spin coating method was used to fabricate a nitric oxide (NO) gas sensor composed of the aforementioned nanocomposite on a surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator. This sensor can detect NO gas at concentrations of 1–110 parts per billion (ppb) at room temperature in dry air, with a sensitivity of 12 Hz/ppb and response and recovery times of <2 min. Moreover, its limit of detection (LOD) is 0.31 ppb for a signal to noise ratio of 3. It demonstrates repeatability, fast response, and recovery at room temperature. Moreover, its sensory performance remains highly stable over 30 days with only a 6.3% decrease in sensitivity. In addition, the sensor is highly selective for NO, even when nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide are applied as interfering gases. The inclusion of rGO (with large specific surface area) and the synergic effect of n-type WO3 nanoparticles in the p-type PPy matrix (leading to p-n heterojunction region formation) possibly underlie the efficient sensing performance of our sensor.  相似文献   
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