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In the refrigeration field, the use of ice slurries (suspensions of ice) as secondary refrigerant fluids is spreading. This technology could be extended to air-conditioning systems provided that one can propose a phase-change material (PCM) with melting temperature belonging to the range [+6 °C; +12 °C]. Aqueous solutions of tetra butylammonium bromide, which crystallise under atmospheric pressure and temperatures between 0 and +12 °C, into ice-like compounds (hydrates), seem to be good candidates for air-conditioning applications. We focus here on the rheological properties of TBAB hydrates suspensions and propose an experimental determination of their flow behaviour through flow rate and pressure drop measurements. In laminar regime, we observe Bingham behaviour. Apparent viscosity and yield shear stress are determined for different hydrate contents.


Dans le domaine de la réfrigération, l'utilisation de coulis de glace en tant que fluides frigoporteurs connaît un vif intérêt. Cette technologie pourrait être étendue aux systèmes de climatisation dans la mesure où il existe un matériau dont la température de fusion est comprise dans le domaine de fonctionnement usuel des climatisations [6 °C; 12 °C]. D'un point de vue thermodynamique, l'hydrate de bromure de tetra-bultylammonium (TBAB) apparaît bien approprié pour une telle application puisqu'il est stable à pression atmosphérique et pour des températures comprises entre 0 et 12 °C. Nous nous intéressons ici aux propriétés rhéologiques de coulis d'hydrates de TBAB. Nous proposons une méthode expérimentale de l'étude de leur comportement en écoulement à travers des mesures de débits et de pressions différentielles. En écoulement laminaire, les coulis d'hydrates de TBAB présentent un comportement du type fluide de Bingham. Les dépendances de la viscosité et de la contrainte seuil avec la température, et par conséquent la teneur en cristaux d'hydrates, est mise en évidence.  相似文献
This study focuses on an emulsion as a new thermal storage material for ice storage. Two types of emulsions were formed using an oil–water mixture with a small amount of additive. A silicone, light and lump oils were used. The water contents of the emulsions were 70, 80 and 90%. The additive was an amino group modified silicone oil. No depression of freezing point was observed for the emulsions because of their hydrophobic properties. In order to determine the structure of the emulsions, their electrical resistances were measured. Moreover, components of the liquids separating from the emulsions were analyzed. The results indicated that one emulsion was a W/O type emulsion, while the other was an O/W type. Finally, adaptability of the two emulsions to ice storage was discussed, it was concluded that a high performance ice slurry could be formed by the W/O type emulsion.  相似文献
改进型真空制冰系统的性能研究   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4       下载免费PDF全文
为了降低真空制冰系统对真空度的要求,提出了在水中加入中介物质的方法,并建立了真空蒸发性能测试系统。采用浓度为26%的氨水为中介物质溶液,对真空下溶液的蒸发温度特性进行了实验研究,分析了对系统的影响。实验结果表明,在相同的初始温度和真空条件下,氨水的降温速率和降温范围明显高于蒸馏水,且在高于水的三相点压力时有冰晶形成;随着真空度的降低,氨水的降温幅度逐渐减小,但仍远大于蒸馏水,说明在相同的蒸发温度下,氨水对真空度的要求远低于蒸馏水。  相似文献
制冰原理与技术发展   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
通过参考国内外的相关文献、专利,对制冰装置进行分类,并且叙述不同制冰机的制冰原理,为专业技术人员提供学习资料,也为其设计制冰机提供参考依据.  相似文献
冰浆流体流动与换热研究综述   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
介绍了冰浆流体的特点、应用以及固液两相流体等效比热的概念及其在冰浆流体中应用的困难;概述目前国内外冰浆流体的传热性能、流变模型和流态以及粘性和流动阻力的研究成果,指出由于固液两相密度的不同导致了在不同流速下冰水分层的现象;同时对冰浆流体的的研究进行了综述,最后提出了关于冰浆流体的进一步研究建议.  相似文献
动态冰浆蓄冷系统性能及其应用   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
动态冰浆由于具有较好的热物理和传热特性,现已被应用于蓄冷空调系统和工业处理过程中.本文介绍了冰浆的各种发生方法和装置,分析了动态冰浆蓄冷空调系统工作过程,阐述了冰浆的动态特性和潜在应用.  相似文献
Study on latent heat of fusion of ice in aqueous solutions   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
In this study, latent heat of fusion of ice in aqueous solutions was measured to understand latent heat of fusion of ice slurries. Propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, ethanol, NaCl and NaNO3 solutions were used as aqueous solutions. For measurements, pure ice was placed into solution, and temperature variations of the solution due to melting of ice were measured. Effective latent heat of fusion was calculated using an energy balance equation. Concentration of the solution varied due to ice melting, and dilution heat was considered. Therefore, latent heat of fusion of ice in aqueous solutions was predicted by considering the effects of dilution and freezing-point depression. We found that effective latent heat of fusion of ice decreased with increasing concentration of the solution, and effective latent heat of fusion was derived from latent heat of fusion of pure ice, effects of freezing-point depression, and dilution heat.  相似文献
Fundamental study on adhesion of ice to cooling solid surface   总被引:2,自引:1,他引:1  
Many technological troubles are caused by ice adhesion to a cooling solid wall (surface). Therefore, it is urgent to clarify a mechanism of ice adhesion.It is thought that ice adhesion to the cooling wall is governed by heat transfer and interfacial phenomena between ice and the wall. In this study, shearing stress corresponding to adhesion force per unit area to remove ice from the wall surface and some reagents' contact angles on the wall and ice were measured, varying the wall material and its surface state. Moreover, shearing work to remove ice from the wall surface and surface energies of the wall and ice were calculated by the shearing stress and contact angles, respectively. And adhesion energy at an interface between ice and the wall was also calculated by the calculated surface energies. And then, influence of heat transfer and interfacial phenomena on ice adhesion was discussed to clarify the mechanism of ice adhesion.  相似文献
竖直管道内冰浆流体流动特性的数值模拟   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2       下载免费PDF全文
为研究竖直管道内冰浆流体流动特性,采用基于颗粒动力学理论的两相流双流体模型,通过CFD模拟研究了竖直管道内冰浆流体的等温流动过程。结果表明,在竖直管道内冰浆湍流输送过程中,流速沿管道中心轴线处近似呈对称分布。当冰浆流速较低时,管道截面处冰粒子的速度分布梯度较小,浓度分布趋于均匀,而随着冰浆流速升高,冰粒子的流场及浓度场均呈现出一定的梯级分布:管道近壁面处冰粒子浓度较低,而管道中心处冰粒子浓度较高,并在略偏于管道中心轴线位置处冰粒子浓度达到峰值。竖直管道内冰浆流体的流向变化对速度分布影响较弱,但对冰粒子浓度分布会产生一定影响,进而使得冰浆流体的管道压降在不同流向时存在着一定差异。  相似文献
水滴在真空室内结晶过程的模拟   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
模拟真空室内水滴结晶过程是模拟真空雾化法制备冰浆系统的第一步。模拟了液滴在真空室内从较高的温度降温到零度,之后到一定的过冷度,然后发生相变为液-固两相,到最后为全部固相的整个过程。在该过程中热质传递迅速发生,模拟结果表明蒸发或者升华控制了整个过程。以扩散模型和以对流模型所得到的结果都与实验结果在一定程度上吻合,这是因为通过对流或者导热所传递的热量比相变潜热要小几个数量级。在整个结晶过程中液滴温度的变化表明:液固相变要占据较长的时间,是一个更为重要的过程。考虑重力、浮力和粘滞力的影响给出了液滴在结晶过程中的运动方程。从该模型计算出的液滴结晶过程中下降距离比仅考虑重力作用下给出的要准确。研究结果为更好的设计真空闪蒸室提供了理论依据和参考。  相似文献
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